Friday, January 4, 2013

How I gave birth to my daughter...part 1

I rarely write anything on this blog, but when I do, it's something very important, very personal and something that I do not want to forget in my life. So this is a very long (I assume) detail of how I gave birth to my wonderful daughter... Firstly, I should tell on how I felt throughout my pregnancy process. We found out that we were pregnant when I was about 3 weeks with her and it was a total shock for me! We didn't actually trying very seriously but when it happened it was absolutely wonderful. And to think back, it happened at the right time too...Allah really knows how to plan our lives perfectly because if I got pregnant too soon I felt it would be a little difficult, owing to the fact that my husband and I were just learning about each other and we didn't exactly have fallen for each other yet ( we were married 9 months after we met, ok?) But Alhamdulliah, I have completely fallen for him when we conceived and I was convinced that he felt the same about me too so it was double joy. Throughout the pregnancy, I had it quite ok. I didn't have the bout of morning sickness as other expectant moms do, my belly was not pouting much, even at 7 months pregnancy people were still waiting for my belly to pop out...the only real scare that we had is when I got leptospirosis or kencing tikus and there was one time that my water was hitting low and the possibility of delivering her at 33 weeks was possible. But it didn't happen, thank God. But by the end of my pregnancy, I was getting anxious and restless...not because I was afraid of giving birth but I was tired of being pregnant!!! It's a wonderful phase overall, don't get me wrong but towards the end the hormones can get you and it can be rough!! Plus, most of the people whom I know were pregnant at the same time like me were already in my head and heart I was screaming, when it's gonna be me???? So my story begins at 3.30 am on the wonderful Friday, December the 14th. I was having my late exursion in the bathroom, a common routine when you have someone actively pressing your bladder. While I was minding my own bussiness, suddenly I felt a sharp thud on my wasn't painful but it was something that I knew I felt it before but could not recall when. But after a while, Ithought since it wasn't painful so it was probably the baby was kicking to someplace that I never gotten kicked yet. I spent the rest of the night feeling the thud again and I also remembered the feeling. The thud felt like when I was having stomach cramps when I was having my period. I didn't have watch around me so I could not tell whether it's constant or not. The morning after we both wake up, I told my husband about it and he went on his 'do you wanna go to hospital?' mode. I told him I was feeling fine and I didn't feel like going anyway. My plan is I want to go to the hospital to the very last minute (bad plan!) because hospital is so boring and lonely!! And as usual, what news to my husband became news to my mother-in-law so she also asked the same question 'do you wanna go to the hospital' and I still said no. So, husband didn't work and mother-in-law didn't work. I still didn't want to go to the hospital. I laid in my bed for about another hour and again my mother-in-law came in and asked again. This time I said yes but not because of her or not because I felt the pain but because of Pipi, the family cat. When my mother-in-law came in, Pipi came with her and some reason, Pipi started nudging and nibbling my feet. She was literally trying to nudge me out from my bed. And I remembered reading something about how animal especially pets are good on sensing something's coming so her behavior got me to think 'maybe the baby is coming along'. I agreed to go and went to take a shower and again Pipi behaved strangely by not leaving my side at all. Despite her food is ready and my mom-in-law was calling her to come down, she was adamant to stay by my side... At about 10.30am, I was ready and there it was, the trip that started with 2 people and ended with 3 people... to be continued...

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